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About the Site

About Me

My name is Ambrose Hardy. I am a retired teacher now aged in my seventies. This site is about me and some of the things I do and think about. I am not a member of any religious organisation or allied to any cult which holds extreme minority views.

I believe everyone has the right to live life according to their chosen set of personal values: provided such values do not limit or seek to prevent others from living according to their own professed values.

This site does not in any way attempt to persuade you to change your existing lifestyle beliefs and practices. Rather, it attempts to inform you of what I think might be beneficial for the quality and potential for personal happiness for most people.

I am particularly interested in issues related to personal growth, lifestyle improvement and stress management. I have created web sites which deal with these topics. Details of these will appear on later pages. They might prove helpful to some visitors.

This web site - and my other sites - are not commercial sites and you will never be pushed to purchase any items or courses. As far as possible, everything is totally free for your use. I will never ask you  to subscribe to any newsletters or to provide your email or other personal data.

If you ever wish to contact me regarding this or any of my other web sites, you may do this through the Your Comment or Contact Me pages.

The site will be built up gradually over the coming weeks and months. I hope you visit again.

A warm welcome.

Ambrose Hardy

October 2016

More details later.

18 September 2015

My major self-help work is the Phoenix Self-Help Life Plan which is a free online program aimed to help those who wish to plan and implement positive changes in their current lifestyles. The program assists readers to evaluate their lives at the moment and to create personal goals which - when implemented - will take their lifestyles closer to how they want them to be..

The Phoenix Self-Help Life Plan was published in paperback [2010 & 2014] under the title Change Your Life In Ten Weeks and is available from Amazon stores. However, those following the Phoenix Plan are NOT required to purchase this paperback, as a PDF ebook [with the same 200 pages of content as the paperback] is now available as a free download. There is also a web site [] which gives step by step guidance to those wishing to follow the Phoenix Plan.

To read more about the Phoenix Self-Help Plan, go to the site page The Plan or click HERE

To download the free [PDF] ebook Change Your Life In Ten Weeks go to the site page Ebooks or click HERE