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The Second Edition [200 pages: 2014] of Change Your Life In Ten Weeks has been updated and expanded with three new chapters, a Further Reading Resources and an up-to-date list of self-help web sites.

It is now available to you free of charge - as a PDF formatted ebook. To make the download click the link below. This will take you to the Obooko site where you may be asked to nominate an email address so that the download can be made. Your email address will never be made known to me and you will not receive any spam because of disclosing it.

[Over 6000 people have downloaded this free ebook since October 2014]

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Book Description  

Change Your Life In Ten Weeks [Second Ed. 2014: 200p.] is a free step-by-step introduction and workbook to help you change your life for the better. It introduces the Phoenix Self-Help Life Plan which requires you to carry out a current lifestyle evaluation and then draw up a set of personally chosen self-improvement goals aimed at transforming your lifestyle in the way YOU want. Once your goals are chosen and broken down into weekly targets, you work on implementing your Plan for a timeframe you choose, usually up to eight weeks. Documentation is included to make easy the tasks of recording goals and targets and to monitor your weekly progress.    


   5 Stars Rating                                                            

   5.0/5.0 Stars [29 reviews]. Excellent book Rating

The (above) downloadable ebook on this page contains the full 200 pages of the published paperback Change Your Life In Ten Weeks. If this appears too heavy a read, you are invited to download a less detailed introduction to the Phoenix Self-Help Life Plan .This second free ebook [PDF format] is titled Free Life Coaching  [33 pages] and gives you an opportunity to try out the Phoenix Plan over a four week period. To download, go to the Your Gift page of this site.  No emails or personal details asked for.  

Alternatively, you can download Free Life Coaching first, trial it and then you can then return later and download the full 200 page version of Change Your Life In Ten Weeks.

To read about Free Life Coaching , click HERE